Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two worlds

He ran across the court, dribbling the ball by his side. He blocked and took a tough shot at the basket. The ball balanced precariously on the ring as every single player stopped to watch it. As everyone gasped, it fell in, making him the star of the match. The girls who were sitting on the bleachers erupted in Ooh's and Aah's while his team mates ran up to pat him on the back. He was pretty excited and looked around at all the people cheering for him. As he was looking away, a girl at the end of the bleachers caught his sight. She had her earphones plugged and looked completely lost in a small thick book that she was reading. He found himself getting slightly annoyed at her lack of interest in what he'd just achieved. He turned around and started running across the court. He looked up at her again and saw her smiling at the book - and he found himself smiling at that.


She sat at the far end of the bleachers, away from the rest of the girls who were there just to cheer on the guys playing. She had a free period and the library was closed so she found herself a shady spot and settled down. She plugged her earphones in and ruffled through the pages of her novel, trying to find the page she'd stopped on. There was a lot of cheering happening but the music drowned it out. She found the page and started reading, blissfully ignoring everything happening around her.
A loud cheer and the annoying giggling of the girls nearby made her look up. She saw a boy on the court looking particularly pleased with himself and the rest of the team patting him on the back. She almost immediately went back to her book, assuming that he'd just shot a basket. She found herself smiling at all the cheering and yelling the girls were doing. She looked up again and saw the boy running across the court. As he turned around to face her, she went back to reading from where she'd left off, still smiling at the amusement she'd witnessed.


  1. its nice! very nice.... some more please?:-)

  2. Oh my freaking's lovely =) One of those pieces of writing that pick you up & make you smile..
    Thank you for this!! <3

  3. NICE!!! looks like awsm runs in the family =P