Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gunpowder explosions

It started off like a spark on a big sack of gunpowder. The minute I heard your voice at the other end, there was something that made me feel like it was the beginning of something.
I'm a strong believer in the fact that everything in this world happens for a reason. And you, my love, happened to me to let me know that I'm not alone.
I definitely saw sparks flying, and being overwhelmed, I let the sparks fall on the sacks of gunpowder.
Emotions were high, passion roared like a fire and everything else got lost behind the fire and the raging heat.
But the fire eventually died out, and when I looked around, I could hardly recognize where I was. Did I want this? Did I bring myself here? Why did it feel like I didn't want any of it anymore?
Looking at the mess around me, I suddenly wanted to run away. But there was something that held me back. While I stood there, being confused, trying to break out and run, I saw you cleaning up around me. And when I looked closely, I saw your watery eyes and broken heart. But you still stayed and cleaned. Everytime our eyes would meet, you'd always smile, hiding all that sorrow.
And then it hit me.
I just didn't want you, I needed you.
You chased away all the nightmares, you wiped away all my tears, you broke my invisible walls and you took my fragile heart in your hands to keep it safe. You found me.
And at that moment, all that I felt melted into oblivion. The mess suddenly didn't exist anymore.
There was just you and me.
And it didn't matter whether we were right for each other, or if what we had would last.
All that mattered was that we found each other.

And I'm not letting go, even if it means enduring a million explosions for you.