Monday, August 13, 2012

There comes a moment in everybody's life where the way they look at the world completely changes. That one event which sets them free of all the beliefs they've grown up with. One that defies sincerity, integrity, justice and fairness in this world.

The rage and anger that follows the event leaves me almost blind and senseless. I no longer believe in this world being fair and justice having its way. I know now, thats not how it works. Sincerity is just another commonly misspelt word and integrity is fading from the dictionary. To hold onto to these beliefs when they mean nothing is excruciatingly painful.

Chasing one's dreams always seemed like such a beautiful thing to do. It isn't. It's ugly, disappointing, morally cruel, unfair and most importantly, heart-breaking. For someone who thought life had been fair to her, I realize that I've had it very easy so far.

This is where the fight begins. The re-inventing of my morals. The decision about what I want to believe in and what I don't. This is where I have to realize that the only one who is going to believe in me is myself.

I will fight. I will fight till I die. Let me see if one of you F****** can stop me.