Sunday, January 30, 2011


She sat in a corner, wiping her tears away. She had to be strong and pull through.

Stay strong for what? To get crushed again? To hope and then to fall and hurt myself? I don't even know what I want! I don't even know who I'm becoming! I can't stand staying here for another minute. I....

Her phone buzzed. She picked it up to find a new message.


Sup? I haven't spoken to him in a week and he couldn't find a better time to text. Brilliant. I don't want to reply! But I still want him to know I'm feeling horrid. I wish he was around, he'd make things better. He's such an ass. But he's my best friend. I don't want to make him mad by not replying. What if.....

So guess what? I'm at that Italian Restaurant that we went to the other day.

I'm sitting here and going through existential crisis and all he has to say to me is that he's in some restaurant?! I want to be back in Chennai. God, I miss that place so much, I miss the beach. I'd always go to the beach when I had to deal with myself. He'd come too. I miss him now. Oh god, not again, I can't keep getting.....

Hello?? Fell off the face of the Earth?

Bloody hell! Fell off the face of the Earth??!?! Who says that to someone who's weeping her heart out?! Well, yeah, he doesn't know that but....argh! Now he's annoying me!

But before she could send an annoyed reply, her phone buzzed with another message.

I just realized that the food here is pretty bad. I guess the last time, you were here. I never paid attention to the food. I miss you.

She smiled and the tears fell again but this time, she didn't wipe them away.


  1. how do you do it purvaa??
    really, tell me your secret!

  2. There is no secret! Only a lack of it! :P