Monday, May 7, 2012


Its not about where you took me for dinner or what you bought me over the weekend.
Its not about all the wall posts you left or all the proclamations you made to the world.
Its not about how you hold my hand every time we're out or how you walk me to my doorstep.
Its not about the hearts or the many words we use while texting.

Its about how you spend two hours every morning just waking me up.
Its about those late night conversations we have, staring at the ceiling.
Its about how we struggle and yet, accept each other, just the way we are.
Its about the tears we silently shed at the thought of losing everything we have.
Its about the dreams we talk of, knowing that they'll probably never come true.
Its about how we say so much by just staying silent.

Its about growing up and realizing that fairytales don't end with a happily-ever-after but as long as they last, they're as beautiful as it can get.