Saturday, November 26, 2011

Heart's night out.

The happiest moments in life are those that just don't seem to logically make sense. Thats when you realize how your heart has a soul of its own and no matter how hard your brain tries, it'll never even get close to understanding the ways of the heart.
It is the heart that feels at peace when you lay in the arms of someone and it is the same heart that hurts when you have to leave them, even if its just for a while. Sure, the brain justifies it by trying to fit it into a fixed frame that the society has created for relationships, but in your heart, you know that none of them mean that.

When someone breaks your heart, you feel unbelievable pain that you think you can never get through. Your brain gets into hyper action mode and starts building all these walls around your heart and starts making false promises of never letting anyone beyond those walls.

But its all pointless.

Because when things are right, the heart always soars beyond the walls and does what it wants to without giving the consequences even the slightest thought. The brain just watches helplessly and starts predicting the hurt and the pain, and goes on and on about how this is the millionth time that the same mistake is being repeated.

But tonight, its time for me heart to just be. No judgement from the brain, no predictions, no dwelling on consequences. No ANYTHING.

Just my heart being happy.