Saturday, March 13, 2010


An Ordinary Girl, with not-so-ordinary hopes and dreams.
She was always lost in a different realm,
where her life was a movie,
and as every scene played in her head,
she saw herself serenading through the emotions.
She jived with joy, sang melancholy,
burned with anger and lived with passion.

She dreamed about being everything she wanted to be,
Doing everything she wanted to.
She dreamed of working so hard, that when she put her feet up at the end of the day,
She felt deserving of it.

She dreamed of a love,
powerful enough to change the world.
Passionate, intense, and yet silly and a complete cliche!
She saw herself being proud enough to tell everybody, "Yes! He's the one!"
She saw a moment of enlightenment, where she would know.
Just know.
And thats all there was to it.

She saw herself living in a place she could call her own,
A place that would envelop her with warmth,
make her cozy.
She dreamed of doing something that would quench her thirst for contentment.

Ah, contentment.
There were scenes of pure joy, ecstasy,
And of course, the tears, like in every movie.
She dreamed of a happily ever after.

But as this ordinary girl grew up,
she realized her life wasn't a movie.
It was reality.
And it hit her hard.
She hurt more than she wanted to,
she loved more than she wanted to.
she cried more than she wanted to.

There were moments of joy and ecstasy,
But they were never the ones to stick on.
Only the lonely heart.

She braced herself,
filled herself with all the optimistic thoughts she could conjure,
And yet, during those moments of hurt,
She cried.
Nobody knew.
She hid under the covers,
Not knowing what made her feel that way.
But she did.

She felt frustrated, wishing she could find a reason for her tears,
She didn't want to be irrational.
That was nowhere in the scene.

And then she realized it.
It was nowhere in the scene.

Her love felt so lifeless,
And she felt scared.
Her love was rational, and it worked in more than one way,
But it was not in any of the scenes.
She told herself, "life is not a movie!"

But when she put her feet up at the end of the day,
She yearned for passion.
Crazy love.
Tiring days.
Laughing till her sides hurt.
Watching the sun set.
Crying her heart out.
Holding someone close enough to feel their emotions.
But most of all,

She yearned for those scenes in her head,
To become the scenes of her reality.


  1. long post... but touchin... good one girl :)

  2. thank you...
    Having written this, I've finally realised what I need to do to pull myself out of what I've been going through...

    And I'm working on it!

  3. Ay, see? so there is a bright side.
    Inspiration is hard to come by.
    use a happiness use a grief... if it's intense enough, embrace it and write something kick-ass!

  4. :)

    Without being there, you were there.
    Thank you.