Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flame of hope

A strange sense of relief.
Tears of loss.
The heart yearns for what is not,
And the brain yearns to justify what is.

Why does my heart want that
which my brain doesn't?
Why am I justifying,
convincing myself of something that has to be,
but isn't?

I anxiously wait for what is going to be,
I painfully miss what was.

The flame inside just went out,
"No hope!" the heart cries.
Darkness lies ahead,
And I venture against my will.

Will I find what the heart wants?
Or will the brain justify that
what I want is what I have?

Will I find you,
or do you not exist?

Will I ever smile,
the way I did last night,
in your arms?

Or is that a fragment of my Phantasm?

Will logic and the sensibilities of the world
keep us apart?
Or will the melodies of our souls
harmonize to become a tune?

Do you know me?
Will you remember me?
Will you hold my hand in the darkness?

Will you light my flame of hope?


  1. Why does my heart want that
    which my brain doesn't?

    That's love.. aint it..
    reminds me of a quote "Nobody is perfect until u fall in love with them". I think its so damn true... :)

  2. its not love.

    its someone who's hurt too much to remember that feeling.

  3. every time
    when that feeling comes,
    the heart pumps more blood
    to the brain and
    try draw a picture..
    these are the pencil sketches..
    and after some time they may complete..

    have hope and belief..
    mind may always wrong..
    the heart - NEVER