Thursday, May 2, 2013

On repeat

There is no reason to fret, nothing to grieve over. Things seem perfectly fine. And yet, there's a big hole where my heart's supposed to be.

Words don't flow easily anymore. The people who are closest to you are the ones that hurt you the most. And you just try to deal with yourself alone. 


How did things go back there again? How can one feel alone when there are so many people around?

Its a strange kind of loneliness. The kind where you don't even know how to express it or how to deal with it. 

Nothing catches your fancy anymore. Not the books on your list, not the movies you were waiting to watch, not the food that you wanted to cook - not even the guy you wanted to see. 

You just feel like staying in bed. You just don't want to live anymore - exist for the sake of it. 

The only one who can fix things seems non-existent too.

There's just one song playing on repeat - pretty much like your life. 


  1. At the point when your the the most miserable, frustrated and stand the chance to rise again. Gather yourself, move few steps backwards and then take that leap of faith. Life is very beautiful. Saudade....they even have a name for it... You are not alone.. Move on.

  2. Well, that hit pretty close to the mark ! But yes, there is always something better to look forward to...

  3. Written so true!!! Won't say your are depressed at times it's just a feeling which passes by as and when you learn to deal with things and soon we start dealing with life itself