Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lamp posts and gifts

Maturity comes when you learn to accept loss.

She sat and looked across the lake. The crickets were specially loud that night. The chattering of people on the other side floated through the air. The humid wind blew across her face. A tiny frog hopped into the water. She leaned against a lamp post and took a deep long breath. She smiled to herself as she heard laughter from the other end.
Memories of conversations that lasted entire nights, tears that were shed, jokes that were cracked, dreams that were built - they all came back to her. This had been their spot. A place they called their own. Some of her best times was under the lamp post, overlooking the lake and the entire city.
Tonight, she was there alone. Everything was exactly the way it had always been - but he wasn't there. Her heart tugged but there were no tears. There was no pain, no hurt, no sorrow. Instead, there was joy as she thought about the good times, there was peace as she thought about conversations that taught her to be who she was today, there was love as she thought about the times they spent in silence and there was warmth when she thought about everything he'd taught her.

The next morning would come and she'd wake up like everyday and go on with her life without him. But it no longer made her sad. Because she knew that what he'd left behind was what made her who she was today.

She was his farewell gift to her.


  1. the hardest part is accepting the loss. i'm still waiting to get there lol.

  2. Beautiful post. Accepting reality is a hard thing but we learn to do it eventually.

  3. We are who we are basically from our experiences....cheers muchly for this.

  4. Alluring with a beautiful touch

    loved your post

    stay blessed ^_^

  5. Its as if someone took a peek into my heart!
    Esp loved this - "Because she knew that what he'd left behind was what made her who she was today."