Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The sun sets and the sky turns a deep shade of pink. The birds fly over my head, heading to a place they call home. There's a light breeze teasing the loose strands of hair across my face. The moon's getting brighter by the second.
I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. The tears have dried, the wounds are bandaged, and my heart's finally beating again. The pain's almost gone - it's just a dull reminder now. Everything that used to be doesn't matter anymore. My dreams of an "us" is now a distant memory.
I even manage a tiny smile.

Some people end up with the ones they fall in love with. But some don't. We can't all be the exception. Not everyone's life becomes a love story. Some of them are meant to last while others fade away. Heart breaks are more common than I thought they were. And for once, I'm average too.

I'm not the exception. We are two different people with two different stories. Mine's just not happened yet.


  1. @purvaa- i ve d pleasure 2 comment 1st on ur post. n lemme say u did it again. bt nw i m tinkin 4get abt d past. don't let it ruin ur future. sm tym life don't turn out as v plan it. its k. v shud say 2 destiny "so u wana play dirty i ll show i do i roll"(thoda jyada ho gaya na attitue....:D)

  2. U captured it all, your story is yet to begin and may have a different ending altogether.