Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who am I??

Sometimes in life, you’re caught between what you were and what you want to be. And that feels like an animagus having only managed to transform half way through.
You have people around you hammering you, trying to get you stable, but no one has any idea how you feel. Not even the slightest inkling. On the inside, you’re trapped. You’re screaming, and yelling to be let out but no one hears you. No matter how many people you are close to, suddenly you feel miles apart from them. You can’t even reach out, because the distance is becoming larger every second. You’re letting go of things you didn’t mean to and somehow, you find yourself watching it float away instead of holding onto it.
Sometimes, you have a painful past, and then you go through a phase where you emerge stronger and ready to change. But somehow, your past manages to catch up with you and taunts you. “I’m different now, things may work out!” is what it says, dangling above, where you just can’t reach it by a fraction of a millimeter. But you have others refusing to let you move back to that space where they saw you get hurt and live with the pain. “Love yourself” they say, and you’re trying to imagine how that feels like, but you just can’t. And that’s when you realize that you don’t love yourself. Oh no, you haven’t even given yourself any time at all to love yourself.

So, now what?!


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  2. Sometimes, when you are the animagus...going through that painful change, the others around you see that...
    Its just that as animagi ourselves, don't know how to react, respond, or reach out in any manner that makes sense to anyone.
    The only true help we can give as people in the same pain is harsh and unfathomable, to love...yourself..
    Because love heals..as much as it hurts.
    Chin up sweetie, the past will always be a killer..Its how we deal with it, and who is our present that matters.