Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heart over the head

She sat on the edge of his bed, too scared to turn and look into his eyes.

How can I tell him? It is so wrong for me to even think like that! What if he gets uncomfortable? I'll ruin our friendship if I tell him. I can't. I just can't. But God! Why can't he see that we're meant to be? It is so obvious! We...

"You've been so silent! I know that head of yours must be over working, as usual! Tell me, what are you thinking about?" He pulled her to face him. Those hazel eyes pierced through her thoughts and her soul. She felt her insides melting.

"You must be sleepy! You look really tired to me" he said, gently brushing the hair off her face.

She nodded, being unable to open her mouth to answer his question.

I'm not sleepy! I'm far from being sleepy! I'm going crazy in this head of mine. I've gone down this path before and I've been hurt. Why can't I just let this go? Why am I doing this to myself? I should stop. I am not in love with him. He's my best friend. Thats all he is. No romance, no nothing. I'm....

"You should probably stop thinking so much. Come on, let it out! Talk to me!"

"I....Its.....Its nothing. Really. I was just thinking about...umm, home."

"Ha! I really find the fact that you think you can hide your thoughts from me very amusing!" he said, smirking.

She just sat there, avoiding those eyes.

How can I possible try to comprehend my feelings for you? How can I tell you that I believe that someday, you'll leave this very hot girlfriend of yours and come to me? How can i tell you that when you tell me you love me, my heart aches to know that its never as your girlfriend?

"Fine. You come all the way to see me and you don't even want to tell me what you're thinking." His voice was tainted with frustration.

He got up and started walking towards the door.

He's leaving. I have to tell him! No, I shouldn't. He's in a relationship and he's very happy. I will not. I have to! No I don't. I can't. But...

"I love you."

He turned back to face her.

" Every time I say that, I wish you'd realize how much I mean it. When you brush the hair off my face, all I want to do is to lean forward and kiss you. When we go on long rides, all I want to do is to look at you and have you look back at me the same way. When we fight and make up, all I want to do is to rest my head on your shoulder. When I see you after a long time, I want to tackle you into the biggest hug I can give.
When we're in the car fighting about directions, I can't help but think how perfect we are. When I hold onto you while you ride the bike, I have bells ringing in my head! When you get annoyed because someone tried to make a pass at me, I feel protected.
Sometimes, when something's meant to be, you just know. And for the first time, I know - In our world, we define perfection. You and me."

He stood there, trying to take in everything she had just said.

She stood there anxiously waiting for him to say something.


  1. I love. No wait. This is GOD like =)

  2. i hope he said yes because it cant get better than that....
    puu that was poetry... "we define perfection. you and me"
    you made my stone-like heart melt!